• Gourmet Soiree

    Gourmet Soiree (10)

    A full bodied cigar with an exquisite aroma, subtle spice and smooth finish. Reminiscent of the great Cuban cigars PG enjoyed in the 1950s and early 1960s. The Soiree; French for 'evening get together,' is rich and tantalizing and the perfect way to complete a relaxing evening. With nuanced strength, it will fool you if you don't pay attention to…
  • Gourmet Series III

    Gourmet Series III (4)

    Rich, full flavor and with a medium to full body, this addition to the Gourmet Series line is exceptionally balanced with lots of intense flavors and a dark and delicious wrapper.
  • Gourmet Series II

    Gourmet Series II (11)

    Smooth and and flavorful with a hint of almond and hazelnuts. The PG II offers a variation of the regular PG while maintaining its Gourmet Series trademark quality of smoothness. A toasty aroma comes from the fact that these cigars were rolled in 1999. Aging in cedar boxes have given these cigars a light aromatic spiciness.
  • Gourmet Series

    Gourmet Series (54)

    P.G. cigars have earned their international reputation by word of mouth for their balanced medium strength, rich, spicy and deliciously smooth flavors and aromas. Made in Santiago, D.R. with complex aged fillers and binder, and a colorado shade Connecticut wrapper (grown in Ecuador); the favorite of many connoisseurs. The wrapper used on the Gourmet Series is a scarce and richly…
  • Gourmet Reserva

    Gourmet Reserva (26)

    Medium to full bodied, smooth and simply delicious, the richness of this cigar can be attributed to its very old fillers, binder and wrapper. Packed with complex flavors and aromas, the "R.E." has achieved great recognition among the elite of cigar connoisseurs. An exceptional cigar from 10 year old tobaccos.
  • Gourmet Maduro

    Gourmet Maduro (14)

    After many years of research and testing, the PG Maduro evolved into a very complex flavorful cigar with excellent construction, a very easy draw and extra smooth characteristics. According to many it is without any doubt, "the finest Maduro ever." The Maduro's delicious flavors coupled with subtle aromas create a complex taste that lingers on the palate with a hint…
  • Artisan's Selection

    Artisan's Selection (20)

    Introduced in 1997, the Artisan's Selection is an expertly constructed mild to medium bodied cigar with a complex filler blend and a colorado Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper. Artisan's have established a great reputation for their consistency and smoothness. A great cigar at an affordable price. The name 'Artisan' honors the craftmanship of the skilled rollers at Tobaccos Dominicanos.
  • Artisan's Passion

    Artisan's Passion (8)

    Introduced in 2011, the PG Artisan's Passion is full flavor and affordably priced. Smooth, but full bodied with a great bouquet. Rich and slow burning cigar with a dark and oily wrapper. Dominican Puro - Made entirely with Dominican grown tobaccos.
  • 25th Anniversary

    25th Anniversary (3)

    Celebrating 25 years (1990-2015) 25,000 Connoisseur were made in 2015 packed in 1250 boxes. The cigar transitions effortlessly, many have called it, "A Masterpiece" A beautiful dark and oily Oscuro Maduro wrapper, four complex fillers and a Dominican barrel aged binder produce a rich, complex and balanced smoke that is sure to impress the most discriminating aficionados. The strength is…
  • 20th Anniversary

    20th Anniversary (19)

    Covered with the greatest wrapper we have ever seen (dark, oily, and smooth) it is combined with four complex fillers and a Havana seed binder. The 20th Anniversary has achieved a height of rich elegance and taste hitherto unknown outside of Cuba - far exceeding our expectations. Henky Kelner and Eladio Diaz have honored us yet again with this incredible…