The Road To Cigars

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THE PREVIEW INCLUDES: Cover image detail, Title/Copyright pages, Table of Contents, Foreword – Pride over Profit by Kevork Garmirian, Prologue, Chapter One – Introduction p.6-7
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Dr. Paul B.K. Garmirian’s new book, The Road To Cigars: A Memoir, shares his family history growing up in Beirut, Lebanon and his studies in England and the United States.

As a cigar importer and distributor of PG Cigars since 1990, The Road To Cigars discusses:

  • -The various experiences that led him to produce cigars in the Dominican Republic and high end cigar accessories.
  • -The public figures he met and the good life he pursued in America, which made it all possible. 

On a personal, lighter note, the author shares his stories of music and music personalities as well as public figures in the United States.

The PG model is discussed in detail, including his business philosophy as well as the joy of working with his son and his gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the PG brand, especially Hendrik Kelner.

“Over the last 8 years, I used every means possible to encourage my father to write his new book.  I recorded his storytelling on Saturday afternoons with friends at our shop.  We worked very hard together, on making this book informative and entertaining.  If you’ve heard my father speak, you know what his stories are like.  If you have not had the chance; This is the PG Story.”
-Kevork Garmirian

His time enjoying cigars in different countries would become the subject of his *best-selling book, The Gourmet Guide To Cigars, first published in 1990.
* Reprinted eleven times including a Spanish version Guia Gourmet Del Cigarro.

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